There was a pre-tournament game on Friday for the world junior’s category and here Slovakia was up against Canada. Canada was able to get three points ahead of Slovakia. Cody Glass of Canada was particularly successful, getting the three points to get his team ahead of the opponents. The final score was 6-1. Those who played well for Canada team were Glass, Jack Studnicka, Maxime Comtois, Ty Smith, Nick Suzuki, and Shane Bowers.

On the side of Slovakia, Patrik Hrehorcak was the only one to score a goal which he did in the third period. The other active contributor on part of Slovakia was Samuel Hlavaj who made about 39 saves for his team. Both the teams traded goals in the third period when Hrehorcak replied on behalf of Slovakia and Smith made a wrist shot. There were several chances taken by both sides. The Canadians and Slovaks made a score of 45-23. There were several opportunities opened up by both sides. The first period saw Canada dominating Slovakia with a lead of 4-0 which ended with a score of 19-7 for the Slovaks.

“Another piece of news from the world of Slovakia football games is Jan Gregus“, the Slovak midfielder being added as the third player in Minnesota United. He has played for his country in UEFA Europa League group C. Being six foot two and 27 years of age, he is considered to be an asset that the Minnesota United club has invested in, He is pending the joining formalities to cross the waters and “join the US team“. The authorities at Minnesota United feel that he would be an anchor for the positions in midfield. He has passing abilities for long and short distances that are commendable for which the team management have chosen him.