Tibor Peto is the ambassador from Hungary to Slovakia. He was summoned by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Slovakia when incidents of anti-Slovak comments and slogans happened at the qualifier match for Euro 2020 played between the two nations. The match was being played at Budapest when offensive slogans were heard from the spectators and the state symbols where denigrated. Meanwhile, the Ministry condemned the signs of hostility and aggression of the nationals along with the incidents of slogans and comments during the game.

The Ministry said that these kinds of expressions will not be accepted in the stadium as well as in other places. He added that incidents like these are very unsafe and dangerous. They can even upset the relations between Slovakia and Hungary. Tibor Peto has been asked by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Slovakia to request the governmental authorities of Hungary so that they can give more attention to this incident. They must also use all the ways that are available to them so that they can eliminate it.

A criminal complaint has been received by the Office of the General Prosecutor regarding the football stadium incidents concerning suspicions of the crime. It has also been mentioned in the complaint that the race, belief and the nation have been defamed during the crime. A tense situation accompanied the whole game by which the fans present in the stands were being influenced.

The fans for Slovakia were controlled by the police as there were Slovaks who are nationals of Hungary and they cheered for the Hungarian team. The situation did not improve even after the match was over. The fans for Hungary started booing during the national anthem of Slovakia. Criminal proceedings have been launched by the Hungarian police against two persons who were detained when the match was being played.