The Slovakian national football team just barely managed to secure a qualifying spot in the group stages of the 2016 Euro’s. Slovakia sealed the 3rd spot of Group B which was enough for them to advance into the later stages.

After 3 matches had been played, Slovakia sealed a total of 4 points with 1 victory, 1 draw and 1 defeat. It does not sound as something very impressive or successful but it was enough for them to snatch the 3rd qualifying spot from their group as they had gone through a much better run than Russia as they drowned in that same group with only 1 point from 3 games.

Slovakia would later go on to face Germany in the round of 16 and lose 3-0 but this doesn’t take away anything from what was considered to be a successful run from the Slovakian national side in their journey through the 2016 UEFA Euro’s.

"Any defeat is painful but there should be a good feeling that we got to the last 1ast 16 and played the world champions," he said, noting that Germany's last loss had come against Slovakia, a 3-1 defeat in a friendly on May 29. We've played them twice now. One win and one loss, so that's okay,"

"We might have done more to attack but we have a strong team and things to build on. We need to just cheer up and look to the future." Slovakia’s head coach Jan Kozak said.

Jan Kozak was proud of how his team performed and now just wants to focus on the path that lies ahead for his national side as they have to face off with England for a World Cup qualifying match and considering how poor their track record of qualifying for the World Cup has been, their recent 2016 Euro’s run can serve as fuel to continue performing at a high level and ride that momentum throughout the rest of the year.